Possible prophylaxes of Aloe vera gel ingestion to butyrate metabolism

There is a growing interest in butyrate because its impact on epigenetic mechanisms will lead to more specific and efficacious therapeutic strategies for the presentation and treatment of different disease ranging from
genetic/metabolic conditions to neurological degeneration disorders. The dietary natural source of butyrate through a high fiber diet or butyrate produced by fermentation of non-digestive fiber, such as acemannan in Aloe Vera
leaf gel, is a highly appealing approach to present a simple and relatively low risk method to potentially improve outcomes in aged people with brain troubles. In this review, we will discuss the pharmacological effects of
butyrate as a histone deacetylase inhibitor to an insulin resistance and energy expenditure, and as pro-drugs to ulcerative colitis and cancer, and the gut-liver axis in pre-clinical treatment.


腸内細菌により発酵した酪酸はGut-brain axis; Gut-liver axisを介して、広く、特に高齢者の疾患の予防に期待される。腸-肝軸にかかわる酪酸はHDAC(ヒストン脱アセチル)阻止剤として、インスリンの抵抗性(感受性)とエネルギ―消費の阻害活性を示して、老化予防効果が期待される。