Therapeutic efficacy of Aloe vera high molecular fractions for treatment of hepatic fibrosis, type 2 diabetes, bed sores and lichen planus.

Aloe vera gel has been widely used for healing of burn wound and hepatitis with paucity of therapeutic evidence. One of the unclear therapeutic indications may be responsible to contamination and variation of coloured materials and ingredients in aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel is separated from the rind of the leaf by filleting and separating the inner gel from the outer leaf rind with mechanical or handle way. Due to the differences in biological ingredients of test products, therapeutic evaluation may be variable. Coloured materials in aloe vera leaf gel, such as barbaloin and aloe-emodin with carginogenicity, could not be completely removed without processing by charcoal treatment. The quality control of the biologically active principles is necessary for therapeutic applications. By using the patented hyperdry system after washing out coloured materials with running water, aloe high molecular fractions (AHM) were obtained in original and natural form containing less than 10 ppm of barbaloin. AHM mainly contained high molecular fractions, such as polysacharide (acemannan) and glycoprotein (verectin) showing immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory activities. On the basis of chemical and biochemical properties, AHM were examined for the therapy designed by the implementation of well-controlled clinical trials, and exhibited the efficacy as immunomodulators for viral infection-induced hepatic periportal fibrosis and type 2 diabetic patients, and as wound and ulcer-healing ointment to patients suffering from bed sore and lichen planus. Therefore, AHM were considered to be a novel low-cost and safe drug of natural origin, indicating a possible therapeutic efficacy in prevention of age-related diseases by slowing aging process



15人の2型糖尿病患者(男性9、女性6、42-50歳)で、通常の治療法(metoformin 0.5g / glibenclamide 5mg, twice daily)に対しAHM (50mg, three daily) 追加服用6週間した場合、有意なHbA1c 血糖値効果作用が認められた。AHM投与で、肝・腎での副作用は認められなかったことから、AHM の2型糖尿病予防効果が期待された。

高齢者の5%は脳血管性の疾患:精神障害、骨折、癌や感染症に罹患し最終的に床ずれとなり、床ずれ患者にとっての予防は重要課題である。AHM 処方(0.1%AHM添加の親水軟膏基材)を1-2度の皮膚潰瘍床ずれ患者6人(52、63、80、87才女性;90,92才男性)にAHM軟膏をゲンタマイシンを陽性薬として処置した。AHM軟膏は1-2度皮膚潰瘍の高齢患者のQOL亢進と皮膚潰瘍による疼痛の減少に有効であった。

扁平苔癬(OLP)はT細胞由来の自己免疫疾患の一つである。本研究はAHM軟膏(CMC:白色ワセリン:水=1:1:1にAHM 0.1% 添加の親水軟膏)による自己管理の検定法により、AHM軟膏の効果を評価した。その結果、20人の患者(男性5、女性15、18才以上)で8週間の治療(1日3回、右患部塗布、左患部コントロール)で、完治癒率75%、部分治癒率10%、不治癒率5%を示した。